A uniformed organisation welcoming ex-military and civilians

What it means

Upon leaving the armed forces many find transitioning to a civilian lifestyle hard going. Even years later many miss the close camaraderie that they had whilst they were serving. As a uniformed organisation our members put the skills they acquired to the greater good and also find the type of camaraderie that they had whilst in the armed forces. 

We welcome members from all walks of life, it is not a requirement to have served in the armed forces. The most important attribute we ask for is enthusiasm to help others and to promote the work of the organisation.

Why a uniformed organisation?

The founders of the organisation have all served in the British Armed forces and therefore are familiar with the rank structure and the ease of communication it provides. Outside of the armed forces, the emergency services and other organisations like St Johns and F.A.N.Y also adopt both uniforms and a rank structure. During times of crisis members from all of these organisations can operate independently or as a cohesive group using the rank structure without barriers or delay to assist those that need it.

Even though members wear current issue uniform at no point whilst representing the organisation is anyone authorised to wear any badge, insignia or award issued by the British Military or any International Military.


All badges or insignia are the intellectual property of the organisation having been designed internally and rank slides include the wording Gryphon Yeomanry Volunteers to identify to the public and others our voluntary role. 

Image by Bill Oxford