Assisting local communities

What it means

Local communities - villages and towns within a county. 

Working alongside parish councils, other charities and community groups, our volunteers will assist those in need. Some examples are;


  • delivering food to the vulnerable

  • assisting in the search of missing or vulnerable people

  • helping with small charitable building or renovation projects

  • delivering medication during bad or unexpected weather

  • assist in the clearance of trees from roads or pathways due to heavy wind

  • direct traffic for parades

  • litter picking

How we carry it out

Through our volunteer network training is geared towards these activities and regardless of how long a member has been with us they can get involved straight away using the most valuable of skills enthusiasm. Active encouragement is given to parish councils, charities and community groups to reach out to us as we understand how difficult it is recruit volunteers and this is how we can help immediately.

Our current area of operation is Sussex but our aim is have a contingent in each county of the UK.

Image by Andre Ouellet

How you can help

We pride ourselves on being fully inclusive across the entire spectrum of volunteers. Age, race, gender, religious beliefs or sexual preference do not hinder anyone wanting to join. There is always a way in which you can help, all we ask for is enthusiasm and a willingness to help. 

If you feel you have what we are looking for click here to get in touch