Coastline Patrols

What it means

The British coastline is beautiful and wonderful to explore but it can also be very dangerous and unforgiving. 

Our volunteers patrol the coastline along coastal paths, roads and beaches ready to assist anyone who may be in difficulty or need help. Our help isn't just to people but also to marine and coastal wildlife and the environment itself.

How we carry it out

Each patrol drives and or walks along designated pathways, beaches and roads. They will be looking for people who may need help, wildlife that is in danger or injured or remove litter or low hazard debris.


Every scenario will be different and our volunteers are trained to make dynamic risk assessments before taking the most effective course of action.


The patrol will contact any necessary emergency service or relevant authority and gather as much information as possible before reporting back to HQ. 

Image by Piotr Gaertig

How you can help

Are you active and enjoy outdoor activities?

This could be for you. You will be trained in varied scenarios as no two events will be the same and this will make sure you are confident to take on the challenge. Initially you will be paired up with a more experienced member of the team until you feel comfortable to operate as a leader in your own right. This will be a decision made jointly between you and your mentor. 

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