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Whatever your background, skills or location in the UK we would love to hear from anyone who is passionate and enthusiastic about helping those around them

Opportunities to help.

Do you have a few hours spare each week that you could put to good use?

We have a few positions available that need to be filled that will help us continue to grow and help more people.

The vacant, voluntary positions below are vacant but if you also have a skill that would benefit the local community and Gryphon Yeomanry Volunteers then please call us on 01797 208308, email or click on the associated 'Register Interest' button

All positions are voluntary



East Sussex

Could you spare a few hours a week to help with local projects or to help with collections and deliveries?

Food parcel Delivery

East Sussex

Could you spare a few hours per week to help sort products or to help deliver food parcels to vulnerable people in these trying times?



Could you spare a few hours each week to support your local community with the help of Gryphon Yeomanry Volunteer. 

For the very adventurous start your own section locally.

Book Keeper/ Treasurer

East Sussex

Are you a qualified book keeper or have the relevant skills, we would like to hear from you.

Social Media Specialist

East Sussex

This position would be to look after our website, facebook page and social media.

Are you savvy on these subjects? Are you at college or university? Are you studying media, could this be part of your project? 



Do you have spare time to become one of our fundraisers?

We need fundraisers who have the skills and outgoing personality to raise funds which would allow us to continue helping local communities, to expand and help out on a wider scale.