What it means

The way we support those in need are vast and can take form in numerous ways. Because of this, the training we offer is also varied and covers the basics of first aid and first responder, communications and radio procedure, boat handling, marine law, map reading, basic search and rescue techniques, working with the emergency services and ACT - action counters terrorism. 

How we carry it out

All of our founding members are ex military and come from both the Royal Navy and British Army. The Royal Marines, The Parachute Regiment, The Royal Corps of Signals and the Royal Army Medical Corps. The training is structured into;

First aid at work

First responder


Marine safety 

Boat handling

Map work

Search and rescue

Working with emergency services

ACT - Action Counters Terrorism

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How you can help

We welcome members from all walks of life civilian, military or ex military. You will be trained depending on your experience even if you have none. Click here for an initial discussion to join as a volunteer


If you feel you have the skills to join as a volunteer and an instructor we would love to hear from you. Click here to arrange a discussion

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