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Assisting and training.

Supporting local commuities in times of need

Coastline patrols assisting those in need

Training to volunteers and the public

Helping those in local towns and villages. Deliveries of essential supplies or medication, clearing up after bad weather, help in finding missing people...find out more

Working with local resilience forums in times of regional need

Local resilience forums exist all around the country. They are made up of the emergency services and volunteer organisation. They train together in preparation of serious incidents...find out more

From assisting people in difficulty along the coast, reporting injured wildlife or wildlife in danger, clearing low hazard debris...find out more

Our founding members are all ex British military and provide medical, communication and marine training...find out more

Welcoming ex military

personnel and civilians alike

We welcome members from all parts of the community. If you have a passion for helping people and being part of great team we'd love to hear from you...find out more



Help those in need